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It's Time for Spring Cleansing.

Spring cleansing is the most natural time to rid the body
of the prior year's accumulation of toxins. The body goes
through seasonal changes, and if you respect these changes
and work with the natural flow, you will have better results and an easier time getting through a detoxification program. The human body starts to go into hybernation in the fall months when daylight hours are decreasing. The winter is full hybernation, people want to rest more and slow down. Some people put on excess weight during the winter months because our metabolism slows down. The winter months are the worst time to detoxify. The only time I recommend detoxification in the winter is when a pathogen is over burdening a persons body, otherwise, I recommend waiting until Spring when the body is ready to expel the winter storage. If you start to detoxify too early, the metabolism will slow down even more.

That is why Spring is the best time to detoxify the body
and mind,it goes along with the natural flow.

The human body does detoxify toxins on a daily basis. We live in a toxic environment and our body can become over burdened in this process.

Many people feel that the detoxification process should be
painful. As mentioned above, the body has it's own capability to detoxify, we need to learn to respect that and work with the body instead of against it by overdoing it. I have seen many people detoxify themselves until their body is completely run down, deficient and can no longer protect them from pathogens. From my experience, I find that it takes one month to clear one year of toxic activity, our bodies are forgiving.

There are programs that deal with specific pathogens, such as mercury, candida, etc. If a person is over burdened with such pathogens, my goal is to find out why their body lost it's ability to detoxify the pathogen. Why didn't their body detoxify mercury, eliminate candida, etc.? Telling a person they have candida, parasites, high acid, mercury, etc. is easy and there are many cookbook remedies for these burdens. If you don't find and address the root cause, the problem will keep coming back. Isn't that why so many people left allopathic medicine, the what is addressed and the why doesn't matter. Is it better that we do it with herbs and natural products instead of drugs, or should we start doing things differently and seek the why?

Until our environment is cleaned up, make Spring cleansing part of your life so your body can protect you from toxic build up.

Call for details about our new "Toxic Load Evaluation and Clearing Program" and find out how toxic you are, what type of toxin is affecting you, what part of your body is being affected, how to clear the what and address the why. If you are on a detoxification program, this testing can measure how well the program is working for you and if it is addressing your needs.

Dr. Terri Evans, DOM, AP
Doctor of Oriental Medicine