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Healthy Vibrations

Are there certain people in your life that have the ability
to bring you down just by standing next to you? Are there
others that pick you up with only their smile? When you
walk into a room, do you bring people down or do you pick
them up? Have you ever experienced so much joy that you
could not stand to be in your own skin? Have you ever
experienced so much sadness that your body felt like it was
too heavy to pick up?

We know that the human body has energy pathways called
meridians. Did you know that energy has vibration? When a
person is sad or depressed, the energy is vibrating very
slow. A person may even claim that they have no energy.
When a person is happy, the vibration is much faster and
the person can feel higher than a kite.

Food for Thought: All physical matter is made up of
energy. Look at the elemental table, (chemistry) and the
difference between one element and another comes down to
positives and negatives. Our simplest material form is
energy. If energy is moving slow it becomes stagnant and
thicker. If a person is feeling sad, they become stagnant
and thicker.

If you have two people, one with a higher vibration, and
one with a lower vibration, who do you think will be more
energetic and happier?

More food for thought: If most all diseases relate to
different levels of stagnation,then who do you think will
lead a happier, healthier life? Who would you rather be
around, someone that needs to be pulled up the hill or
someone who runs up the hill daily?

Things that can stagnate energy: negative thoughts,
negative emotions like fear, negative actions.

Things that can move energy: movement such as exercise,
exercise, exercise and did I mention exercise? Positive
thoughts and positive actions, (exercise).

The fastest way to move stagnant energy is with movement.

The fastest way to stagnant energy is with fear, sadness
and suppressed anger. You may have heard the saying,
"Frozen in Fear"? It's true.

When a person has slow vibrations, there will always be
less movement and therefore more stagnation. Have you ever
met anyone who is always negative and also, always sick?
Doesn't it seem like your high energy people seem to never
get sick and if they do, it's brief? Doesn't it seem like
they also have more strength and control in their lives?

Are you the person that lives with in the stagnation of
fear, or the person that lives with the passionate fire of

If this is still difficult to wrap your brain around,
please watch The Biggest Loser and see the changes that
take place with positive input.

Take a few moments to close your eyes and remember
something that made you feel sad, be aware of how your body
feels. Now, take a few moments and remember something that
made you feel happy, be aware of how your body feels.

The difference is that one emotion creates stagnation of
energy, and the other creates vibration of energy.

Focus on creating Healthy Vibrations for yourself and watch
how it ripples out in many different directions.

For more indepth information on this subject you can read
Power Vs. Force, by: David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D.


Dr. Terri Evans, DOM, AP
Doctor of Oriental Medicine