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Health Care or Disease Care?

Over the past 20 years the face of health care has changed
immensely. Or, has it changed at all?

The biggest difference I have seen is the change from drugs
to herbs, and from surgery to natural therapies.

The part that has really stayed the same is the reason a
person seeks out medical treatments: to put out the fire.

Many people blame the medical field for only prescribing
drugs or surgery for what ails them and have switched to
herbs and natural therapies for what ails them. If you
take something for a headache, whether it is an herb or a
drug, until you seek out the reason for the headache, then
the medical approach is still the same.

So you see, disease care has changed, (meaning how we care
for disease), health care has not changed. There are
choices that we make that will enhance or hinder health and
those choices have not changed.

The things that enhance health: positive mental attitude,
fruits, vegetables and exercise. Considering that only 15%
of Americans exercise on a regular basis, we really do need
a very strong disease care system.

If you go back to Websters dictionary, 1800's, the
definition of Doctor was: teacher of health. If you look
up Doctor now: see physician. Somewhere in time the
physician changed from educator to crises manager. If you
only see your patient when they are sick, then you are a
crises management physician. That is exactly what the
consumer demands, whether it comes in the form of drug
therapy, or natural therapy.

If you are called upon only to put out fires, how can you
prevent them?

America has become the most obese country in the world and
we hold the record for most of the killer diseases. It's
time to gain knowledge, take action and focus on what will
magnify health instead of what will eliminate symptoms. I
would love to see the consumer spend more time on
understanding how the body works and a little less time on
chasing the latest miracle cure or cookie cutter treatment
for what ails you.

There is no conspiracy to keep you from your health. There
is only the lack of understanding as to what creates

You Are Responsible For Your Health.
Excuses and Blame will not Get You There.
Knowledge and Action Will Pave the Way.

Dr. Terri Evans, DOM, AP
Doctor of Oriental Medicine