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Spring Cleansing is Just Around the Corner.

We live in an environment that has a high level of toxins
in the form of air pollution, water pollution, emotional
pollution, etc.

Detoxification is an important step you can take to rid
your body of the environmental build-up that can affect
your health down the road.

The body experiences seasonal changes similiar to the
weather. In the fall when daylight hours are becoming
less, our bodies start to slow down and gather for the
winter hibernation months. We will also eat more, sleep
more and our energy level will slow down.

Then comes Spring!!!

This is when the days become longer and our body wants to
expel the excess hibernation storage. Our energy level
will increase with the amount of daylight hours and our
body gets ready to expell the excess winter storage.

That is why Spring is the best season to detoxify. Our
body is already in elimination mode. Detoxification in the
Spring goes along with our natural flow. If we don't
eliminate the excess heat before the summer, then we will
be more prone to heat diseases,like constipation, weight
gain, depression, etc.

Detoxification should not be a torture test for you. It
should be part of a regular health program, just like
regular dental cleanings. There are many programs that are
very simple and fit into any lifestyle. A good
detoxification program will enhance your own ability to
clear toxins from your system, and not put your body into
deficiency. The detoxification process should give you
more energy, not leave you feeling depleted.

Your body detoxifies naturally with the right tools. If
you feel that you are over-burdened with toxins, such as
mercury, candida, parasites, etc., find out for sure. Then
find out why your body became a good environment for
the toxin. Why wasn't the mercury cleared, why was the
candida allowed to grow. Could it be diet, other toxins,
poor immune system, or are the organs of detoxification
over burdened?

Over the years, I've seen many people detoxify themselves
into total body deficiency. If you think you are burdened
with toxins, find out what, and then find out why.

Spring Cleansing should be part of everyone's health care
program. Be gentle. Thirty days of gentle cleansing can
clear out one year of toxic activity. Make sure you wait
until Spring, the winter is for hibernation.

Dr. Terri Evans, DOM, AP
Doctor of Oriental Medicine